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Modern First Edition Books

Classic Modern First Edition Books

Modern First Edition Books For SaleThe Modern First Edition Books for sale includes Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost World First Edition 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs The Son of Tarzan 1917, Harold Robbins The Dream Merchants Signed U.S. First Edition Book 1949, John Le Carré Absolute Friends Signed First Edition Book 2004, J.R.R. Tolkien The Silmarillion First Edition 1977, Humphrey Carpenter The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien First Edition Book 1981, and Colin Dexter The Wench Is Dead Signed First Edition Book 1989 with Signed Book Signing Invitation Card.

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H.G. Wells Books

H.G. Wells Books For SaleThe H.G. Wells Books for sale includes: H.G. Wells New Worlds For Old First Edition 1908, H.G. Wells The New Machiavelli First Edition 1911, H.G. Wells War and the Future First Edition 1917, H.G. Wells The Invisible Man serialised in Amazing Stories magazine 1928, H.G. Wells The Way The World Is Going First Edition 1928, H.G. Wells The King Who Was A King First Edition 1929, and H.G. Wells You Can’t Be Too Careful 1941 First Edition second impression signed by H.G. Wells.

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Ian Fleming Books

Ian Fleming Books For SaleThe Ian Fleming James Bond Books for sale includes: Ian Fleming The Man With The Golden Gun First Edition 1965, The James Bond Annual 1965, Ian Fleming Octopussy and The Living Daylights 1966 First Edition First Impression, and a Roger Moore Signed Photo as James Bond.

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Frederick Forsyth Books

The Frederick Forsyth Books for sale, includes: Frederick Forsyth The Odessa File First Edition 1972, Frederick Forsyth The Dogs of War First Edition third impression 1974, Frederick Forsyth The Devil’s Alternative Proof Copy 1979, Frederick Forsyth The Fourth Protocol First Edition second impression 1982,  Frederick Forsyth No Comebacks First Edition 1982, Frederick Forsyth The Negotiator First Edition 1989, Frederick Forsyth The Deceiver First Edition 1991, and Frederick Forsyth Icon First Edition 1996.

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Leslie Charteris Books

The Leslie Charteris Books for sale includes: The Last Hero circa 1930, Ace of Knaves First Edition 1937, She Was a Lady circa 1938, The Saint Goes West First Edition 1942, Call For The Saint First Edition 1948, Vendetta For The Saint 1965 Signed by Leslie Charteris, The Saint and the People Importers 1971 Signed by Leslie Charteris, Catch The Saint 1980 Signed by Leslie Charteris.

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Modern First Edition Books For Sale H.G. Wells Books For Sale Ian Fleming Books For Sale Frederick Forsyth Books For Sale Leslie Charteris Books For Sale Thomas Hinde Looking Glass Letters Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost World First Edition 1912